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who make a difference

At Big Springs Studio, we believe that design can be a platform for change.

We are passionate about helping makers and creators amplify change in their own communities through conscious business principles and bespoke design.
We provide clarity and focus to makers and creators who want to build impactful, successful online and physical businesses and services.
We don’t just design beautiful websites and branding - we help our clients define their vision and achieve their goals by implementing strategies that make it easier to do business online.

What Our Clients Have to Say…

“Over time I’ve collected hundreds of small sayings that I would write on small cards and leave in random places. Big Springs Studio helped by putting these sayings into an elegant digital format, to use on social media and I even print them on card stock and spread the goodness of Fruitful Fortunes with ease.” Sally Safadi

Neurons Away

“Lauren is fantastic and beyond miraculous with her creativity on websites!” Jocelyn Dickenson

Just Accounting, Inc.

“Lauren literally blew my mind. It was like she always knew exactly what I wanted, and then exceeded my expectations on top of that. I am only ending this contract so I can give her some positive feedback, but I’m not letting her go! Immediately rehiring for a new project, Lauren is officially a part of my team now.”
Kristen Vanstrom

Personal Branding Coach

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